Traffic Management Updates












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Road Number Road Name TTM in Place Road Number Road Name TTM in Place
L 2024 Corbally Rd Yes L 2030 Bessmount Rd. Yes
R744 Yes L 6122 Templescoby Rd Yes
L 6055 Drumgold Rd. Yes L 6121 Dunsinane Rd. Yes
L 2040 Knockrathkyle Yes Old N30 Rd. Old N30 Rd. Yes
L 6047 Monroe Rd. Yes N30 N30 Tie In Yes
L 6048 Glenteige Rd. Yes M11 M11 Northern Tie in Yes
LS 6052 Scurlockbush Rd. Yes L 1027 Ballygullen Rd. Yes
N11/M11 Southern Tie In Yes L 5092 Ballyeden Rd Yes
N80/N11 Scarawalsh Yes L 5093 Ballymore Rd. Yes
L 2015 Coolnahorna Rd Yes L 5096 Rockspring Rd., Yes
L 2014 Ballyorill Rd Yes L 1023-3 Ballycarrigeen Rd Yes
L 2012 Killalligan North Rd Yes L 2011 Tinnacross Rd Yes
R 702 Yes L 2021 Crane Rd., Yes
L 6125 Monart East Rd Yes L 2020 Ballynabarny Rd.