Project Updates

After four years of site works and a concentrated effort from all our teams, we are in the position to deliver this project to the public by the end of July 2019. All works will be completed in all three parts of this project, M11, N80 Link Road & N30, and the roads will be operational and available for use.

The project will consist of 27 km of standard 2×2 dual carriageway motorway (M11 route), 4 km of Type 2 dual carriageway link road which connects the existing N11 / N80 Clavass to the M11 Mainline (N80 Link Road) and 8 kilometres of standard single carriageway which bypasses Enniscorthy to the west by linking the existing N11 to the existing N30  (N30).

It also includes a total of 28 new bridges, 48 culverts which allow for crossing the numerous streams and rivers that exist at the area and 29 access structures that allow for all the landowners to maintain access to their properties and landholdings.

The PPP Company and our Contractor M11EJV greatly appreciate the co-operation and patience of the local residents and the public throughout the duration of this major infrastructure project.

We would also like to thank all the subcontractors that were involved in this project and have helped us to complete this very important project on time.


Operation & Maintenance of this new Road

In July 2019 the Operational phase of the M11 Project will commence. For the local Community this will bring the relief of traffic congestion problems around Enniscorthy, Ferns and Camolin. There will also be significant improvements to the environment, including a reduction in traffic and noise emissions; improvements in traffic safety, while saving time and reducing the transport cost to drivers.

The M-11 motorway and N-80 dual carriageway (which will be classified as a national road N-30 ) will be operated by an Operation & Maintenance joint venture company of BAM and Iridium.  Both companies have significant experience in maintaining infrastructure projects internationally and in Ireland.

The O&M JV will promote local employment throughout the O&M phase including the employment of operational and maintenance staff, subcontractors and suppliers. For the initial period, the O&M depot will be located at the current Site Compound of the M11 EJV at Scarawalsh, north of Enniscorthy.

The new section of single carriageway N30 and roads other than the new M11 and N30 dual carriageway will be maintained by Wexford County Council.


Other Remaining Works

  • The majority of the works have been completed for all three parts of the Project M11,N80,N30
  • All roads have been paved and surfaced.
  • Lining is now covering most parts of the road.
  • Signs are being installed.
  • Finishing crews are scanning the whole project in a daily basis to make sure that everything is constructed to the standards required.
  • Landscaping works will continue until November but will not affect the operation of the road.
  • There is also one culvert that will need to be built after the new motorway opens, as per our agreement with the Wexford County Council in order to minimise the disruptions to the public. The structure will be located Just north of the New Oilgate Roundabout (as shown on photo) and will be constructed under the existing N11 road heading to Enniscorthy. This will require some local traffic management arrangement during the construction of the culvert which is estimated to be around two months. Traffic from and to Enniscorthy will be maintained at all times.


General Public Health & Safety

We are aware of the public interest on this important project and we would like to thank the people, who through forums like and other platforms are following the progress of the works and how the construction activities are changing the landscape of the area. Our construction teams and subcontractors do their best to deliver this project according to the highest standards and on time for everyone to use.

It is also very important to be aware that the land being developed for the M11 Gorey to Enniscorthy project is not open to the public until the road is completed.

There are significant dangers that could be present on a construction site, especially at this stage of the works with multiple construction crews and subcontractors on site, working on earthworks, drainage, pavement, barriers and finishing works, resulting in heavy construction traffic.

For your own safety, remember – construction sites are “No trespassing zones”. Please do not enter this Site at any time.


Below is a summary of expected works over the coming months:

July to November 2019
  • Opening and maintenance period commence
  • Snagging
  • Landscaping
  • Culvert at existing M11, South of Enniscorthy




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