Traffic Management Updates

Temporary Traffic Management in Place

L2020 Ballynabarny road will be closed from 27th Feb to 3rd Mar during nightime from 22:00pm to 06:00am for site works.

  • Plant crossing points are now in place at local roads.
  • All site crossing points are now fully operational. Construction plant are using these crossing points on local and regional roads to move from one part of the site to another. Flag persons are in position to control these traffic movements, and public road traffic will be stopped to allow site plant to cross. M11EJV appreciates the co-operation and patience of road users during the site operations.
  • Ballyeden L5092 is now open.
  • Tinnacross L2011 is currently closed for works.
  • Corbally L2024 is currently closed for works.
  • Drumgold Road L6055 is currently diverted for works.
  • Glentiege Road L6048 is currently closed for works.
  • Coolnahorna Road L2015 is currently closed for works.
  • Ballyorril Road L2014 is currently closed for works.
  • Bessmount L2030 is currently closed for works.
  • Templescoby Bridge is currently closed for works.
  • Templescoby road alignment – new road alignment is now operational.
  • Rockspring L5096 is now open.
  • Knockrathkyle L2040 Bridge is now open.
  • Monart L6125  is now open.
  • Killaligan L2012 is now open.
  • Scurlockbush Bridge is now open.
  • Crane Road (L2021) is now open.
  • Oilgate site access is now operational.
  • Speed restriction limits are now in place on the main interchanges.




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Road Number Road Name TTM in Place Road Number Road Name TTM in Place
L 2024 Corbally Rd Yes L 2030 Bessmount Rd. Yes
R744 Yes L 6122 Templescoby Rd Yes
L 6055 Drumgold Rd. Yes L 6121 Dunsinane Rd. Yes
L 2040 Knockrathkyle Yes Old N30 Rd. Old N30 Rd. Yes
L 6047 Monroe Rd. Yes N30 N30 Tie In Yes
L 6048 Glenteige Rd. Yes M11 M11 Northern Tie in Yes
LS 6052 Scurlockbush Rd. Yes L 1027 Ballygullen Rd. Yes
N11/M11 Southern Tie In Yes L 5092 Ballyeden Rd Yes
N80/N11 Scarawalsh Yes L 5093 Ballymore Rd. Yes
L 2015 Coolnahorna Rd Yes L 5096 Rockspring Rd., Yes
L 2014 Ballyorill Rd Yes L 1023-3 Ballycarrigeen Rd Yes
L 2012 Killalligan North Rd Yes L 2011 Tinnacross Rd Yes
R 702 Yes L 2021 Crane Rd., Yes
L 6125 Monart East Rd Yes L 2020 Ballynabarny Rd.