Project Updates


Next Blast:

M11 Cut 1 – Monday 23-04-2018 at 7.30pm



What is happening now?

The weather was mixed since August 2017 and the rainfall during these months has affected the progress of our works.

N30 Structure 6 over the River Urrin deck – ongoing works
  • The majority of Earthworks have been completed for the M11 & N30 sections with some works remaining, mainly on the N80 Link Road section.
  • Excavation of rock at the locations of Clogh, and next to the River Urrin are substantially complete, . This material is being processed and stockpiled in order to be reused at structures,  as well as in the final layers of the road pavement in 2018.
  • The road alignments for Monart and Killaligan on the N30, as well as Crane Road at M11 have opened to traffic and more are expected to reopen during the first quarter of 2018 including Ballyeden on the  M11 as well as Coolnahorna on the N30.
  • Ballymore, Drumgold, Glenteige roads on the M11 and  Ballyorril , and Bessmount roads on the  N30 have now been diverted and more diversions are planned at other locations.
  • All access Structures have been completed and all the new culverts are in place and the streams running through them have been diverted.
  • Drainage works for the carriageways have commenced and many subcontractors have started working on our site in order to help us meet our time schedule.



Main Structures Update

9 Bridges have been completed to date and another 16 are currently under progress. 

  • The bridge over the Railway line at Ballygullen, has been completed as planned in December 2017, and is currently being used by our earthworks teams in order to move material that has been processed, to other areas of the project, where we are laying the final layers of the earthworks.
  • The works for the Bridge at the Slaney River and Railway line have also advanced.
  • On the West Side of the river the installation of 10 new flood relief Culvert arches has been completed. The area is prone to flooding during the winter months so our design team has proposed the installation of these culverts at this flood plain in accordance with the Environmental Impact Statement.
  • For the bridge over the River Urrin beams have been installed before Christmas and the deck works are ongoing with a target to have the structure completed by the end of the first quarter of 2018.



M11 North Alignment – Ready for Pavement Works
N30 Stockpile
M11 Ballydawnmore Junction & Bridges










Below is a summary of expected works over the coming months:

Q1 2018
  • Well Monitoring/ Noise and Vibration Monitoring
  • Final Earthworks
  • Drainage
  • Structures (Bridges)
  • Side Road Works
  • Pavement Works


Q2 2018
  • Well Monitoring/Noise and Vibration Monitoring
  • Minor Remaining Earthworks
  • Drainage
  • Minor Structures Works – Repairs and Snagging
  • Side Road Works
  • Pavement Works
  • Junction Works


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