Project Updates

Blasting Updates

Next Blast:
Cut 1 – M11 Friday 24/11/2017  Time: 3.00pm


 * Locations, dates and times are subject to change. Please check daily for updates.


What is happening now?

After the summer months, the works for Bam & Dragados working in Joint venture for M11 EJV have advanced further, and we are preparing for the Autumn and Winter months.

The majority of the works dependant on weather have been completed, for example, Earthworks and stream diversions through new culverts. Now our teams are focusing on  structure works, road diversions,  drainage works, and preparing for 2018 when we are planning to commence the Pavement works for the new Mainline alignments and sideroads.

BAM & Iridium are conscious of ensuring that both the local community and the wider region have opportunities to benefit from the construction as well as future operations and maintenance activities during this project and welcome all interested parties to contact us, and apply directly or through our subcontractors.


A lot of progress has been achieved during the last three months on our project.

  • Earthworks continue and the majority of these works are expected to be completed by the end of the year for the M11 & N30 sections. Blasting at Clogh, Knockrathkyle and also next to the River Urrin are ongoing and each blast is closely controlled and monitored. This material is being processed and stockpiled in order to be reused at  structures,  as well as in the final layers of the road pavement in 2018.
  • 1 new road alignment  has been opened to traffic at Rockspring, and  Knockrathkyle and Scurlockbush are due to be opened to traffic soon.
  • The majority of the Access Structures have been completed which maintain access for the local landowners in the areas where works are ongoing. Also all the new culverts are in place and the streams running through them have been diverted.
  • Drainage works for the carriageways have commenced.



Main Structures Update

3 Bridges have been completed and 15 more are currently in progress and our structures team continue to coordinate the works and achieve our deadlines.

  • For the Bridge over the Railway line at Ballygullen, the beams have been installed over the existing railway line, and currently the bridge deck works are ongoing with a target to have the structure completed before Christmas.
  • The works for the Bridge at the Slaney River have also advanced and we are now preparing to install the steel beams of the bridge supports. When installed the three span bridge will measure 154 m in length, and will cross over the River Slaney and the Railway line.
  • On the West Side of the river the installation of 10 new flood relief Culvert arches has also commenced.
  • For the bridge over the River Urrin all 9 columns with a height of 8m each have been cast and now the works for the bridge abutments have been completed as well. The beams are due to be installed in the next two months.






Below is a summary of expected works over the coming months:

Q4 2017
  • Minor Outstanding Detailed Design
  • Well Monitoring/ Noise and Vibration Monitoring
  • Earthworks
  • Drainage
  • Structures (Access Structures)
  • Structures (Bridges)
  • Side Road Works
  • Initial Pavement Works


Q1 2018
  • Well Monitoring/Noise and Vibration Monitoring
  • Earthworks
  • Drainage
  • Structures (Bridges)
  • Side Road Works
  • Pavement Works


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